How to tell fake Jimmy Choo handbags from the real ones

jimmy choo handbagsJimmy Choo handbags are some of the coolest, most luxurious handbags you can currently buy and because of their popularity, a lot of shady online stores sell fakes. The good news is that you can easily tell the fake ones from the real ones if you check for the following:

The inside tag and the lettering

On authentic Jimmy Choo handbags the lettering is always lilac and the tags need to be metal and never plastic. As for the brand name, it’s made of clean cut letters. On the fake Jimmy Choo handbags, the lettering is not sharply or clean cut, it’s cheap looking and the gold brand name engraving is about half an inch lower.

Inside lining

On authentic Jimmy Choo handbags, the inside lining is made of moleskin. However, on the fake ones it’s either satin, canvas, suede, etc.

Leather quality

If you buy it from an offline store, always smell and feel the bag. One giveaway is the smell and on the authentic bag, the smell, feel, and look should be that of a luxury item. On the fake ones though, the smell can be either of chemicals or plastic and the bag may also feel leathery. It’s also harder and tougher than soft genuine leather.

The screws

In case the bag has screws, check their shape. On authentic bags, the screws have a flat head (those on the strap closure), while on the fake they have a Philips head.

All in all, with these tips in mind you’ll easily be able to identify authentic Jimmy Choo handbags from fake ones. Good luck!